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Psychological evaluation

Psychological evaluation

In this process, we collect information about the psychological functioning and / or cognitive abilities of an individual through the application of tests, batteries, etc.


Evaluate and characterize the different aspects of the personality.
Assess cognitive-intellectual development.
Gather the necessary information to make a diagnosis and outline an intervention plan.

Who is it for:


Psychological evaluation may include:

Cognitive-intellectual evaluation.
Examination of personality and socio-emotional development (hyperactivity, aggressiveness, others).
Test for dyslexia and learning difficulties.
Evaluation for early admission in the first grade (Regional Legislative Decree nº 22/2005 /A, article 9)
Evaluation of school skills.
School and professional guidance.
Clinical diagnoses.
Evaluation to organize retirement processes, according with the disability verification system (Decree-Law No. 360/97 of 17 December).

How is the psychological assessment process?
Conducting a clinical interview.
Deliver reports.

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