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Academic and vocational guidance

Academic and vocational guidance

Vocational Guidance consists of assessing an individual’s skills, abilities and areas of interest, in order to guide the process of choosing a course, field of study or profession.


Provide greater knowledge of the options and opportunities available.
Promote self-knowledge and contribute to the consolidation of ideas and expectations.
Enable conscious, adequate and satisfactory decision-making in the future.

Who is it for:

Students who are in the 9th grade, so that they make a decision about which field of studies they will attend in the 10th grade.
Students who are in senior year of high school, so that they can make a decision about which university course to choose.

Academic and vocational guidance process

1st session: Initial interview and tests (interests and skills)
2nd session: Professional opportunities
3rd session: Decision making
4th session: Delivery of a report in the presence of the parent(s)

* The vocational guidance process can be complemented with “cognitive-intellectual” and “personality” assessment tests.


  • 1st Session: 40 €
  • 2nd Session: 30 €
  • 3rd Session: 30 €
  • 4th Session: 30 €