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Psychological support

Psychological support

Psychological Support is a form of therapy in which the patient seeks, with the help and guidance of the psychologist, to express his problems and anxieties, trying to investigate the causes and find solutions for his discomfort and suffering.
It is done in a short period of time, with a pre-established number of sessions, focused on the present and directed towards the relief and understanding of a concrete problem that disturbs the patient.
The aim is to promote the patient’s autonomy, self-knowledge and problem-solving skills, so that the patient regains balance and stability in a short period of time.

Enable listening and empathy.
Promote autonomy and develop problem-solving skills.
Empower the patient to deal with problematic life situations.

Who is it for:

In what cases should Psychological Support be used?
Difficult transition periods, such as:
Professional crises
School difficulties
Changes in life stages, such as:
Puberty and adolescence
Solving of personal, marital, family, professional conflicts.

How does psychological support service work?
1st phase: clinical interview with the patient
2nd phase: definition of the number of sessions and the objectives to be achieved
3rd phase: psychological support
4th phase: balance of results

40€ – First session *
30€ – Subsequent sessions *
* each session lasts 45 minutes