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Elementary FIFTH AND SIXTG GRADE Math Portuguese English French Science SEVENTH, EIGHTH AND NINTH GRADE Math Portuguese English French Science Physics and Chemistry Highschool Math Physics Chemistry Geometry Biology Geology Portuguese English French Others University: Please contact us to know our availability.

Conditions for the services provided

The registration fee for tutoring lessons is 12,50€. Payment of monthly fees is made in advance until the 10th of each month and each day of delay is penalized by 1€, except in situations where the 9th and 10th are on weekends, or on public holidays. In the months when there are school breaks (Christmas, [...]


prices in force since 01/09/2018 with vat at current rate Enrollment fee: 12,5€ Elementary 87 € per month (8 lessons of sixty minutes) Highschool 100 € per month (in group) (8 lessons of sixty minutes)  Preparation for national exam 140€ in the months of preparation for the exam University 16,25€ per hour For students with [...]

Types of classes and open hours

Tutoring classes for all students from fifth to twelfth grade and college students. Types of classes Private tutoring or group lessons (max 4 students) with qualified and professional teachers. Horário de funcionamento do estabelecimento Open hours : Monday to Friday: 09h00 – 12h30 and 14h00 to 19h00 Saturdays: 9h00 – 13h00 Tutoring Monday to Saturday: [...]