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Psychopedagogical support

Psychopedagogical support

Psychopedagogical support aims to assess and help each student with their individual struggles, which may be related to failure or school difficulties, such as lack of ability to concentrate, ineffective study method and mismanagement of study time.
Through this support, an evaluation is carried out to identify the problems and an intervention plan is designed, with the aim to provide the skills for good school performance.

Evaluate situations related to developmental problems and learning difficulties;
Identify the causes of school failure;
Implement measures to correct the difficulties encountered by applying specific techniques that focus on:
Study methods and techniques;
Promote motivation, autonomy, self-confidence and maturity, necessary for the self-regulation of the teaching-learning process;
Ability to retain “focused attention” and profit from “retention and concentration” study time;
Cognitive stimulation of areas that impose themselves as obstacles to learning;
Fulfill basic skills not solidified in previous school years.

How does this process go?
Initial Consultation:
a) Interview with parents and student to define the difficulty (s); b) Delivery of a report in order to outline an intervention appropriate to the student’s needs.
Diagnostic Psychopedagogical Assessment:
Set of specific tests that assess domains involved in the teaching-learning process.
Intervention Consultation:
Delivery of report and feedback, create an intervention plan adapted to the needs of the child and programming of the sessions.Psychopedagogical Intervention:
Set of sessions for applying the plan outlined in the previous session.

Who is it for:
Elementary school students (1st to 9th grade) and high school (10th to 12th).
Children or teenagers with school failure in different subjects or who need to optimize and / or maximize their school performance.

20 € – Initial consultation
30 € per session – * Evaluation and support sessions
* each session lasts 45 minutes